Corey Harrison Loses 115 Pounds With Lap Band and Protein Bars

"Pawn Stars" shop owner Corey Harrison has lost 115 pounds over the past year after undergoing lap band surgery and an extreme overhaul to his diet.

While he may be known as "Big Hoss" in the "Pawn Stars" reality series, Corey Harrison decided a year ago that it was time to lose weight. The revelation came to him one night, after he discovered the drug he was taking for his excessive weight could have dangerous side affects.

"I was watching this lawyer's commercial and it was talking about the side effects of this drug, and I was on that medication because of my weight," the star of the hit History Channel show Pawn Stars said in an interview with People magazine. "I went and got a Lap-Band put in and the weight just started falling off. It was like someone took a backpack full of rocks off of you."

But having surgery was not enough; Harrison also committed himself to changing up his lifestyle. In addition to a diet of protein bars and shakes, the pawn star also built a gym into his Las Vegas pawnshop.

"I changed my diet huge," he says. "I start out with a protein shake or Power Bar. I probably have five protein shakes a day. At dinner, I usually go off the chain a little bit and have whatever I want but within reason. I think maximum capacity for my stomach is about 6 oz. of food."

The changes have been worth it. While Harrison was facing a number of health conditions before and having to take medications, he now says the he feels healthier and more energetic.

"I wake up in the morning and I'm not tired all day," he told People. "I have more good days than bad days. My knees don't hurt. My hips don't hurt. My back doesn't hurt. I can run now. I have family that are diabetic and I've seen the hell it's put them through and I've told myself, I'm not going down like that."

Previously at 365 pounds, the pawn star is now down to about 250.