Duck Dynasty Stars Without Beards; Photos of Phil Robertson, Uncle Si, Willie and Co. Go Viral

Photos of the 'Duck Dynasty' stars without their famous beards are circulating around the Internet again this week and have become a trending topic on Bing as the hit A&E reality TV show continues to create waves among fans.

Fans of the show have gotten to know and love each of the characters with their long bushy, and wild beards. However, they did not always look like that, and the photos below show the cast members of the hit A&E show in all their beardless glory.

Here is a photo of Phil Robertson, who is known as the Duck Commander. He let go of a potential career in the NFL to create the Duck Commander Duck Call in 1973.

(Photo: Robertson Family/Jim Fiscus A&E)Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

This photo shows Uncle Si without his glasses and beard. He looks almost unrecognizable in the photo on the left which was taken when he served in the military. Uncle Si, of course, was sent a blue mug by his mother when serving in Vietnam. Now more than 30 years later he takes it everywhere with him and only drinks from that blue mug every day.

(Photo: Robertson Family/A&E Jim Fiscus)This photo shows Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

Here is a before and after shot of Willie. The left photo shows Willie when he was a student at Louisiana State University. A lot has changed since then, however, and he has now grown one of the most impressive beards in the Robertson family, and has put his business degree to good use, becoming the CEO of Duck Commander.

(Photo: Robertson Family/Jim Fiscus A&E)Willie from hit TV show Duck Dynasty is shown here from his student days without a beard (left), and with a look he has become more famous for donning in Duck Dynasty (right).

The photo on the left shows Jase and Missy looking clean cut and fresh as newlyweds from their wedding day. On the right, the photo shows them 20 years later – still happily married – but with Jase donning a massive beard for his part in Duck Dynasty.

(Photo: Robertson Family/Zach Dilgard A&E)Jase and Missy from hit A&E show Duck Dynasty.

"Duck Dynasty" Season 4 had a premiere date on August 14, 2013, and became the most watched reality TV show as millions tuned in to watch the show.

Here is a video of Phil Robertson speaking at Harvest Crusade 2013: