'Fairy Tail' Chapters 527, 528 Plot: Can Emotions Steer Zeref vs Natsu Battle to a Surprising Conclusion?

The latest chapter of the long-running Japanese manga series "Fairy Tail" couldn't have been given a more fitting title. "Emotion" was what stopped August from completely razing Magnolia to the ground, but it is also the absence of it that will now make Zeref the biggest remaining threat on both Natsu's life and the fate of the entire city.

Kodansha Comics"Fairy Tail" is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and has been serialized in the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 2006.

Having realized that he will never be acknowledged by his own father as a son, August decided to take on the next best role he knew Zeref would be proud of; that is, to be the mage who destroyed the city of Magnolia. He was ready to give his own life for it, too, but the sight of his mother, Mavis, standing in an alley and dying with everyone else made him stop midway into his spell despite having already paid its price. And as his body disintegrated from the amount of magic he had unleashed, then canceled out, he wished he could've had that one brief chance to hug his own mother.

Meanwhile, Zeref has completely lost himself to his Ankhseram Black Magic, which only gets stronger once one has completely forgotten the value of a human life. And with Natsu declaring that whatever bond they may have had as brothers was now gone, an all-out battle to the death will surely break out in the upcoming chapter titled "Evil Dragon."

Will Emperor Spriggan finally be able to destroy the Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D.), or will he, like his strongest mages Irene and August, unexpectedly fall prey to his own previously unacknowledged emotions? What is Mavis' plan to take Zeref down and how will Natsu's friends be able to save their current guild master?

The build up to the manga's exciting climax continues when a new chapter of "Fairy Tail" comes out on the next issue of the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine.

Meanwhile, manga creator Hiro Mashima will be opening an exhibit of his original art from Wednesday, March 22 to Monday, April 3 at the Event Square on the 8th floor of the Matsuya Ginza department store in Japan. The exhibit will include artwork from Mashima's previous manga "Rave" and his current hit series "Fairy Tail." The exhibit will commemorate Mashima's 20th anniversary as a successful manga artist.

The 60th volume of the "Fairy Tail" manga collection will also be released on the same day. This particular volume contains the battle between mother and daughter, Irene and Erza as well as Larcade and Sting's equally exciting match. A preview of the cover for the upcoming volume has been released online.