'Final Fantasy 15' News: Devs Highlight Which Visual Elements Will Be Detailed Further in the 'Windows Edition'

Huge monsters and even small blades of grass are expected to look better in the 'Windows Edition'
Final Fantasy XV official websiteThe 'Windows Edition' of 'Final Fantasy 15' is set to be released early next year

"Final Fantasy 15" will make its way to the PC next year. And when it does, players can count on it being even more visually spectacular than other already available variants.

Different elements of the game's world are going to be more detailed in the new version, ranging from the very small to the noticeably large.

Detailed previously in a post on Geforce.com, developers revealed that NVIDIA Turf Effects will be utilized to help make even the simple fields look even more spectacular. The blades of grass are now going to react to gusts of wind imploring them to dance and they will react to players as well. Characters, enemies and even non-player characters can visibly trample the grass.

Players can then take advantage of these new visual effects to find out where their enemies or other important characters may have gone.

The "Windows Edition" of "Final Fantasy 15" is also going to utilize NVIDIA HairWorks. Players will see the effects of NVIDIA HairWorks most prominently when they run into the different beasts roaming the game's world.

Some of the beasts players see may now be covered in hair, serving to make them appear more realistic than how they were previously depicted. Furthermore, the hair covering the bodies of these beasts will also react to the elements as well as to player attacks.

It is not just improved and more detailed visuals that PC players can look forward to seeing from the "Windows Edition" of "Final Fantasy 15."

The new edition will also come with the feature known as ShadowPlay Highlights and this addition can automatically record certain snippets of gameplay footage. Players can choose which highlights are recorded, and the video clips produced by this addition can be edited easily too.

PC players will be able to marvel at the more detailed world of "Final Fantasy 15" as soon as the "Windows Edition" is released early next year.