Ginger White Affair Threatens Herman Cain Campaign

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain may be ready to throw in the towel following damaging accusations from a fifth woman.

It appears the recent string of allegations has caused damage to both his campaign and family. Cain said during a staff meeting that the growing sexual allegations was “taking an emotional toll on his family and that this is a very difficult time,” according to Cain's Iowa chairman Steve Grubbs, CNN reported.

Cain’s political dreams may have been completely shattered following Atlanta based businesswoman Ginger White’s claims that she had a 13-year-affair, which only ended recently.

White told Fox 5 news, “It was pretty simple. It wasn’t complicated. I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship.”

While Cain admitted to knowing White, he has denied any wrongdoing. CBS News quoted the embattled republican as saying, "I did not have an affair. I have done nothing wrong."

Sources suggested Cain’s campaign is financially struggling after a decline in political donations, which could possibly result in Cain letting some of his campaign staff go.

CNN reported that for a number of reasons Cain is "reassessing" the viability of his campaign in the wake of a new allegations.”

Cain has received intense media scrutiny during his campaign run after four women accused him of sexually harassing behavior toward them, all of which he publicly denied.

The former Republican front-runner has also received backlash after making a number of anti-Muslim statements.

Cain’s poll numbers have clearly been affected by the scandals, as they have significantly dropped with a growing number of Americans now questioning his suitability for the Presidency.