iMac 2017 Not Slated for WWDC

(Photo: REUTERS/Chaiwat Subprasom)A sales assistant shows features of iOS 9 on an Apple iMac at an Apple reseller shop in Bangkok September 18, 2015.

Apple is expected to launch a slew of new products at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but the iMac 2017 is not expected to be one of them.

According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant will be launching new versions of the MacBook and the MacBook Pro and will also upgrade the 13-inch MacBook Air with a new processor.

Although the focus is on these products next month, Apple has not forgotten the iMac line yet and actually has some plans for the desktops.

The abovementioned site says that the tech giant will release "in the future" a new iMac 2017 with "better specifications for expert users." The same goes for its Mac Pro series.

As to when the iMac 2017 will see the light of day, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller and software engineering chief Craig Federighi revealed last month to Tech Crunch that they are slated for launch this year.

The Apple executives pointed out that they are working on the iMac 2017 and with an expected no-show at WWDC, the best bet is a fall launch.

The desktop will see some upgrades, but Schiller and Federighi did not provide specifics, just that they will be designed with pro users in mind. The latter reiterated that to Daring Fireball.

"That is a pretty incredible evolution that we've seen over the last decade. The original iMac, you never would've thought as remotely touching pro uses. And now you look at today's 5K iMac, top configs, it's incredibly powerful, and a huge fraction of what would've traditionally — whether it's audio editing, video editing, graphics, arts and so forth — that would've previously absolutely required the Mac Pros of old, are being well-addressed by iMac," he said.

"But there's still even further we can take iMac as a high performance, pro system, and we think that form factor can address even more of the pro market," he went on to say.

Apple is pushing the envelope with the iMac 2017, but it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer before they see the desktop in the flesh.