iOS 7 Release Date Scheduled for Fall 2013, Apple Reveals New Features

Apple announced the iOS 7 release date for this fall at today's WWDC.

The new software will come with many new features along with a completely redesigned layout with fresh fonts and new templates. The newly designed interface will come with flat icons and a 3D effect that will make the wallpaper appear to be some distance behind the icons.

The notification menu will also be updated as users will access it by pulling it down. It can track what activity you are doing such as playing music and provides users with easy access to their settings and the new features called AirPlay and AirDrop.

AirDrop allows Mac users to share content such as pictures and videos with a multiple amount of people using Apple devices in the same vicinity. It is similar to the NFC, except the devices don't need to make physical contact and must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The App Store will now automatically update all of a user's applications without them having to manually do it. iOS 7 will have new multitasking features that function with all apps and provide a new way for users to browse active ones and show their current state.

The Safari browser has been changed as it now has the ability to more easily bookmark and share links from a user's social networks. There will also be more flexibility with browser tabs and users will no longer be cut off at 8.

iOS 7 users will now be able to use FaceTime Audio, which allows them to switch to just audio while they are communicating with someone in the application with video.

A beta version of the software is now available for developers. The consumer release will be in the next few months.