Kate Middleton Pregnant With Royal Second Child? Buckingham Palace Debunks Rumors

(Photo: Reuters)Duchess Kate Middleton

Princess Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is once again the talk of the town. Since a few months ago rumors of royal baby no. 2 have been buzzing around.

Jessica Hay of Globe magazine claimed Monday that Kate and William is in the midst of an ordeal brought on by their loss of their second child to miscarriage despite Kate taking really good care of herself.

Kensington Palace was quick to dismiss and reject the statement.

Aside from deeming the statements by Hay untrue, the spokesperson for Kensington Palace added that Hay and Princess Kate have not met nor have spoken to each other in years. This makes all claims by Hay to be unsubstantial, especially that according to Globe, the sources of the miscarriage incident are palace insiders.

Now, if the question returns to the royal couple planning to have Prince George a sibling soon, it can be remembered that the pair are not discreet with their hopes of expanding their family to three children in a span of around five years.

It has been reported that Princess Kate and Prince William will head to a summer vacation in Scotland. The trip could give way to rumors on Kate's pregnancy. Prince George and the rest of the royal family will tag along as well.

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