Kris Jenner and Lie Detector Test: Kim Kardashian Favorite Daughter, Todd Waterman Affair Off

Kris Jenner has taken a lie detector test in the latest episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." The test, proposed by daughter Kim Kardashian, was given after Kris' secret rendezvous with Todd Waterman, whom she had an affair with while with her first husband Robert Kardashian.

Following her secret meeting with Todd, Kris had happily declared that she had experienced a revelation that the "grass is not always greener on the other side," and that she had found a clarification in her mind that she truly did love and choose present husband Bruce Jenner. 

However, when Kris, 56, had tried to tell Bruce, 62, about her revelation and "closure," not surprisingly he was not jumping up and down for joy, but rather angry about why she needed to meet up with her ex-flame anyway.

"I wanted to tell you I appreciate you and that I may have been fantasizing about somebody for the last 23 years that didn't deserve that recognition," Kris admitted.

Bruce replied angrily: "What an idiot you are!" he fumed. "I don't know how I can trust you."

Kris also attempted to give her daughters the good news, and again did not receive the party atmosphere she might have been expecting. Eldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian, who was most affected by her mother's affair with Todd that ended the marriage between her parents, burst out with, "What a w***e!"

It took Kim Kardashian to step in and mediate, suggesting why not put Kris on a lie detector test so that everyone could find out whether she was telling the truth once and for all.

During the lie detector Kris admitted that Kim was her favorite daughter, but denied that she had taken more than her share from any of her daughters' business dealings. She also confirmed that Khloe's real father was Robert Kardashian.

However, when Kris was asked whether she would like to have an affair with Todd, the needle on the polygraph started bouncing around frantically causing husband Bruce to storm out. But had he stayed he would have heard the polygraph expert explain that the needle was most likely a reaction to Kris' heart rate increasing due to an emotional reaction to the question, and was not due to a lie.

Upon hearing that she had passed the polygraph test Kris hugged "favorite daughter" Kim, and went to tell Bruce the good news. However, he was still furious about her meeting with Todd. Their feud continued until Kim arranged for them to take a romantic getaway together, where eventually they reminisced about their past and finally came to an agreement to try harder together.