Man Attacked by Shark in Australia; Fisherman Has 'Deep Puncture Wounds' on Both Legs (VIDEO)

A fisherman who accidentally caught three sharks in his net was attempting to free the sharks when he was bitten on both legs.

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(PHOTO:VideoCLIP/Guardian)A 51-year-old man has suffered severe puncture wounds after being attacked by a shark off the coast of New South Wales.

An Australian fisherman was bitten last week while fishing in knee-deep water. Alan Saunders, 51, was not expecting to catch any sharks during his fishing trip, but accidentally caught three. After the sharks became trapped, Saunders attempted to free them. He was in the process of freeing one when a second shark went on the attack.

The attack occurred off the coast of New South Wales, according to The Guardian. Saunders was bitten on both legs and suffered "deep puncture wounds" reports said.

"Alan was involved in removing one of the sharks out of the wings of the net," the fisherman's brother, Ray Saunders told Yahoo. "He released that shark but another shark came in and bit him on both legs."

Around the same time, in Australian's northern territory, a saltwater crocodile attacked a 29-year-old man. Yoann Galeran was swimming from shore in the remote town of Nhulunbuy on Sunday when the attack occurred, according to the BBC. The man was bitten in the head, neck, and shoulders, requiring stitches for his wounds.

After encountering the 8-foot crocodile, Galeran said he felt lucky to have survived.

"I just feel that I've been lucky and I just think [if it was] a bigger crocodile, I maybe wouldn't have any head," he told ABC News.

Even right after the attack, Galeran was in good spirits, according to his boss.

"We've walked out on the back deck and Jo's [Yoann] standing there with a big grin on his face and blood pouring out of him," Lisa Heathcote told ABC News.