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New Yorkers Pray for London Bombings

New Yorkers Pray for London Bombings

New Yorkers can perhaps understand better than anyone else the terror that London faces in the aftermath of the coordinated transit bomb blasts. That's partly why on August 7, six New Yorkers will travel to London to return the favor that Londoners had offered them in the wake of 9/11 through a street prayer ministry.

“We will be going to London representing the people of NYC to say thank you for all the support we received from Londoners during the time of 9/11,” reflects Nick Savoca, who initiated these Prayer Stations as the leader of Youth With A Mission Metro New York. “By and large we do expect a warm reception. I think London will respond much like New Yorkers did.”

The YWAM New York Metro volunteers will remain in London from August 7-14. For at least four hours each day, volunteers will stand at the three tube stations that were bombed in London. The project will be continued by churches in London as well as YWAM London after their departure.

'Prayer Stations' met with success in New York City since 1992, and were a source of comfort and hope to struggling New Yorkers coping with the collapse of the Twin Towers in 2001. In just twelve months, the Stations had prayed for 50,000 people.

Each station consists of portable chairs, a table, and a red banner that reads, “Prayer Stations." Volunteers from across America passed out pamphlets announcing each Prayer Station ahead, while others prayed for those who stop.

The concept spread throughout North America due to its success and there are now 200 Prayer Stations spread through the Philippines, India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Singapore, Niger, Russia, Kenya, and Central and South America.

Members at one Prayer Station in Aukland, New Zealand were told by other Christians ministering to the people, that their presence made a difference, and they were sorely needed on the ground.

"Your team is so faithful week after week. We really missed your presence [that night], said one member from another ministry and explained that they had a confrontation with non-believers who wanted them to leave. "So don't underestimate the significance of your presence down here. We need you."

Youth With A Mission is an international interdenominational Christian organization in existence since 1960 and has grown to over 20,000 full-time staff.


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