Olsens' $55,000 Handbags to Go On Sale: Only a Dozen Olsen Twins Bags Made (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Full House/File)Olsen Twins in Full House

The Olsens' $55,000 handbags are creating waves in the fashion world. The amazingly expensive bags reportedly feature black patent leather Nile crocodile skin adorned with multicolored prescription pills.

The Olsen twins have long been making an impact in the fashion world, and have created amazingly extravagant bag options for those looking to make a big purchase. Some have said that the sisters were encouraged to make the $55,000 handbags due to the huge popularity of their recent line of $39,000 bags.

When those $39,000 bags were released many questioned their price tag, but they sold like hot cakes despite the outrageous price.

However, with the new designer bags the price is not the only divisive issue - the design of the new bags have also been called "controversial."

"The pill appliqués are definitely controversial, as they seem to glamorize drug use," according to Too Fab.

The bags have been designed by Damien Hirst, which explains the high price tag to an extent. However, many have been surprised that the former child stars would allow the bag to be decorated by various pills.

The bag is set to be released on Dec. 12 and despite the $16,000 increase on the Olsen's last bag release the product is expect to sell out.

Only a dozen of the bags have been created, and it has been reported that only nine of the 12 will go on sale online, meaning that anyone willing to splash out that sort of money on a bag must be quick if they want to be one of the owners of the new Olsen Twins' bag.

For those thinking about buying, the Olsen twins have assured that a portion of the profits from the sale of the bags will be donated to UNICEF, although the percentage going to the charity has not been revealed.

According to Celebrity New Worth, the Olsen Twins have a net worth of $150 million...each! The twins who are just 26 years old rose to fame since making their acting debut as infants on the TV series Full House.

Here is a video covering the Olsen Twins' previously released $16,000 bag: