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'Pokemon Go' News: More Problems About EX Raids Being Brought Up

Devs recently indicated that they will be making changes to EX Raids

'Pokemon Go' News: More Problems About EX Raids Being Brought Up

Many 'Pokemon Go' players are hoping that EX Raids will be improved soon | YouTube courtesy of Pokémon Go

Back when they were first announced, Exclusive Raids were seen as welcome additions by many "Pokemon Go" players.

Also known as EX Raids, these features were designed to grant players access to some rare Pokemon, including Mewtwo, while also requiring them to do a few things first.

Unfortunately, despite the potential these EX Raids may have possessed at first, in practice, they have not exactly worked as intended, with many players bringing up a variety of issues which have led to them becoming unable to fully enjoy these supposed-to-be important parts of the game.

One issue highlighted by is that the invites players need for these EX Raids are being handed out to the same players too often. The website notes that the issue is stemming from the EX Raids being tested at the same sponsored Gyms, and because of that, the participants end up being the same players as well, or at least that is what is happening quite a bit.

It's a cycle, and one that has, unfortunately, prevented many "Pokemon Go" players from getting those coveted EX Raid invites.

For what it's worth, the folks over at Niantic did reveal just recently that they are already working to improve the invitation system based on player feedback, and hopefully, that gets rid of the issue detailed above.

Of course, that is not the only issue plaguing EX Raids.

In a post on TheSilphRoad Subreddit, "physerino" detailed the different reasons for why EX Raids are inconvenient for certain players such as kids or people who have to work fixed schedules.

Judging by how much attention the post has gotten from other players, it seems like this is a problem shared by many others and at this point, it's unclear if there is a fix coming for this.

More news about "Pokemon Go" and EX Raids should be made available in the near future.


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