Rapper DMX Tells Fans He Has Spiritual Authority During Dubai Concert

Rapper DMX recently turned the attention off of him and onto Jesus during a concert in Dubai while performing alongside rap artist Coolio, where he engaged his fans to listen in while he spoke about God.

"I could fight off the devil with the spoken word saying, 'devil, I rebuke you,'" said DMX, according to RumorFix.com "I saw that I was heard, because no matter what I've been through I was still filled with the armor that comes with the blood of Jesus."

The message that appeared much like a short sermon on spiritual authority prompted the crowd to cheer the rapper on as he spoke. This is the first time that DMX interrupts one his concerts to speak about God in such a manner.  However, the rapper has been vocal about his faith recently after receiving encouragement from fellow rap artist Ja Rule to remain strong amid his personal battles.

"This is America," said Ja Rule to The Grio, about his long-time friend. "We love to see people bounce back. We love that comeback story. I don't think it's far off for X to come back and do something significant, and people to love him again."

He continued, "I think he just needs to maybe seek God. It has to be something drastic that changes the way he lives and the way he goes about his everyday lifestyle. Hopefully he'll realize that what he's doing is destructive."

Part of DMX's problems included owing $1.2 million in child support. The rapper has also had other legal issues and run-ins with the law. Earlier this year, he was arrested in South Carolina for possession of marijuana and for drunk driving. Soon after his arrests, DMX appeared on the "Dr. Phil" show to open up about his struggles and his faith and to get advice from the clinical physiologist turned talk show host.

In a sign that the rapper had been improving his life through his walk with God, he recently encouraged a fan with the Bible while out for dinner in Los Angeles after she approached him and said she was enduring a difficult moment. Celebrity gossip outlet TMZ recorded the moment DMX was enthusiastically advising the fan about following God's will.

At one point, while he was serving time in jail for animal cruelty, DMX said that he felt God calling him to become a pastor. Although he did not pursue that calling after his release, DMX continued to rap and recently appeared in a video in which he announced his plans to release a new gospel track, "Never Give Up," which he hopes will inspire his fans going through difficult life moments.