'Scandal' Season 7: Mellie Reunites With an Ex-Lover?

Facebook/ScandalABCMellie needs love in the next season of "Scandal."

Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) may find the courage to woo Mellie (Bellamy Young) again in the next season of "Scandal."

According to Entertainment Focus, it is time for the Gladiator to stake his claim on the newly appointed POTUS and make her happy for a change. Marcus and Mellie's affair came as a surprise to many, especially when she was still distraught over Fitz's (Tony Goldwyn) betrayal. The attraction between the two characters was unexpected, but many could see that it was pure. Mellie soon became involved in politics, while Marcus chose to be in the shadows and let her follow her dreams.

Now more than ever, Mellie needs people who will stay loyal to her. Being the president is expected to take its toll on her, especially when enemies begin targeting her. Spoilers predict that Cyrus (Jeff Perry) will soon rally the opposition in the hopes of serving Mellie with an impeachment. The vice president has yet to relinquish his burning desire to become the most powerful man in the free world and he does not think Mellie will be a person who can stop him. Marcus' support and love are exactly what she will need in her fight to stay in the White House.

In fact, Mellie cannot even trust her own Chief of Staff. It has been teased that Olivia (Kerry Washington) is going to be a force to reckon with in season 7. She is meant to gain power that will exceed even that of Mellie's and this is expected to affect their working relationship. Mellie will always wonder if Olivia is on her side or if the former OPA director is planning her downfall. After all, Olivia took Fitz away from her, destroyed her marriage and embarrassed her in front of the American people. Theirs is a wound that will not heal completely, and somewhere along the road, they will have to decide if they will stay as comrades or not.

"Scandal" season 7 is expected to air sometime this fall.