'Spider-Man' PS4 News: Devs Aiming to Stay True to Essence of Iconic Web-Slinger

Spider-Man's philosophy with regards to fighting enemies will be observed in the game
YouTube courtesy of Insomniac GamesThe 'Spider-Man' PS4 game is expected to be released next year

Spider-Man is a character who people from all over the world can easily recognize. And in the upcoming PlayStation 4 game featuring the famous masked Marvel hero, the developers are working to make sure they stay faithful to who he is.

Some new details about the game and its protagonist were shared by the developers via Periscope recently, and they confirmed several things fans will likely be glad to hear about.

First off, developers revealed that they will be following Spider-Man's "no killing" rule, GamingBolt reported. What is really interesting about the implementation of this rule is that it will have an impact on gameplay.

For example, when an enemy is thrown off a building, Spider-Man himself will take the time to shoot out a web net to catch that individual and prevent an untimely demise. It will be interesting to see if the "no killing" rule will impact gameplay in some other ways.

Developers are also looking to accurately recreate how Spider-Man moves from one place to another using his web. They want to convey natural movement here, and they will also take momentum into account all the time.

The upcoming PS4 game will also feature "traversing with parkour and unique environmental interactions," according to the game's official website.

Beyond gameplay, the developers will also try to hone in on the essence of the character himself as a real person who has to deal with matters in his personal life along with fighting crime and supervillains. They will do so using an original story, and more details about this plot should be made available sooner rather than later.

Fans will likely be glad to hear that the developers are really paying respect to this beloved character. Hopefully for the developers and fans, the work will pay off, and the new "Spider-Man" PS4 game will feature a version of the famous character who is easily recognizable both in style and in substance.