Steve Harvey Says 'So Called Friends' Ate Him Alive After Trump Meeting

(Photo: Steve Harvey Show/Steve Harvey)Comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey on his daytime talk show.

Steve Harvey is revealing that many of his friendships have been negatively impacted by his meeting with President Donald Trump.

When comedian Mike Epps appeared on Harvey's daytime talk show "Steve Harvey" on Wednesday, he recalled the joke about the host meeting with Trump to buy the White House. After the pair laughed about the past joke, a video of which has gained popularity on social media, Harvey got serious when speaking about many of his friends being upset with him over the meeting.

"So many of my so-called friends have just eaten me alive for going to meet with the president of the United States which is mind-boggling to me because if you understood what Trump and I were meeting about, you'd probably be quiet. But since you don't you just comment about it," Harvey said on the show. "People in business they understand what's happening but it's just social media. So it's kind of funny to see you (Epps) do something different."

Among those who criticized Harvey publicly for his meeting with Trump were fellow comedian D.L. Hughley and rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris. According to Harris, Harvey was being used as a pawn for Trump who had a hidden agenda for the highly publicized meeting.

"There is a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of," the hip-hop star T.I. said in an Instagram video. "Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting, no matter how positive you think the outcome may be, without understanding people have a very Willie Lynch agenda. You being there, you being seen with them, taking pictures and smiling and being positive, it may seem positive to you, but there is a hidden agenda."

Harvey decided to explain the meeting on his syndicated radio program "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" last month.

"I thought it was important because the only way we can heal the divide in this country is through conversation. I don't think we will ever unify this country or begin a healing process until we talk to one another," he explained. "So from my standpoint, being a person that I am, the person that God has made me to be, I said let me step from behind the microphone and take a seat at the table when invited to discuss. I didn't know what it would be about exactly but to my surprise it turned out really really interesting."