'The Affair' Season 4 Spoilers: Are Noah and Juliette Over?

Facebook/TheAffairShowtimePromotional photo for "The Affair"

Noah (Dominic West) and Juliette (Irène Jacob) have allegedly parted ways in the upcoming season of "The Affair."

Spoilers reveal that the disgraced author will meet a new love interest in the next installment. The mystery woman is said to be the principal of the school where Noah teaches. Jenelle (to be played by Sanaa Lathan) is described as a "tough administrator" who will encounter censure from the school faculty charter due to her attitude. It seems, though, that she will develop a soft spot for Noah. According to the report, Lathan's character is set to recur in the show, which means Jenelle will be around for a while.

Viewers have also been wondering about him and Juliette (Irène Jacob). In the last season, they were on the road to fixing their relationship. Noah went to Paris to work things out with the French professor. With her husband dead, Juliette is finally free to be with the author if she wants to, but it looks like she has had a change of mind. Noah's return to the US, alone, should have been a hint that he and Juliette have called it quits.

Aside from the Jenelle storyline, it has been teased that Noah will meet an interesting student who will later become his ward. Anton Gatewood (to be played by Christopher Meyer) has it all. He is brilliant and he has supportive parents. The boy, however, is a huge mess with his inability to handle the expectations of the people around him. Noah is speculated to take him in and help him fix his life. Along the way, he may find a new mission in life, a means to redeem himself for all the mistakes that he has done.

"The Affair" is rumored to return in 2018 for its fourth season.