Tim Tebow Describes Ideal Girlfriend After Months of Dating Speculation

Tim Tebow, 24-year-old New York Jets quarterback, described his ideal woman recently and spoke out against rumors that he was not getting along with starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, who many believed would be intimidated by the Christian football star and the possibility of him taking over.

While attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala on Monday, the athlete spoke with "Access Hollywood" about his dream woman.

"I'm looking for a sweet, kind, caring girl," Tebow told "Access."

When asked if his future girlfriend had to be "hot" Tebow laughed.

"I mean, that doesn't hurt," he said.

Although Tebow does not speak about potential love interests often, others have expressed an interest in the Christian football player's romantic life. Tebow first publicly admitted that he was a virgin during an SEC Media Day press conference, when a reporter asked the then-21-year-old college football player if he was saving himself for marriage.

"Yes, I am," Tebow answered three years ago. "I think you're stunned right now. You can't even ask a question. … I was ready for that question, but I don't think y'all were."

Last month, the dating website Ashley Madison, which describes itself as "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters," made a promise of monetary gain to any woman who could prove that they experienced sexual intimacy with Tebow. Despite the speculation about his romantic life, Tebow said he is still single and focusing on uplifting other people.

"I'm definitely single and having a good time," Tebow told "E! News" during the Tebow Foundation Charity Celebrity Golf Classic in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., last month. "It's amazing, I can meet someone for 10 minutes at an event, and the next thing you know, you're dating that person, you've been with them for two years and you're about to have four kids with them. It's amazing how rumors can spread."