Tom Cruise and The Master Movie: Scientology Leaders Unhappy With New Hollywood Film

Tom Cruise and his fellow Scientology followers are reportedly unhappy at new movie "The Master," which allegedly looks to indirectly portray the founder of the controversial sect.

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(PHOTO) Facebook: Tom Cruise Fan PageTom Cruise, pictured here with estranged wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri, is said to be "freaking out" after losing control of them.

"The Master" is a new movie from Paul Thomas Anderson about the founder of a religious movement similar to Scientology. A source has come out to tell New York Daily News that leaders of Scientology "hit the roof" when they heard that the sect in the movie has a belief system based on their leader's wild imagination.

Anderson is a prominent Hollywood director, and previously worked with Tom Cruise in 1999 film "Magnolia." Meanwhile, "The Master" is allegedly loosely based on the life if L. Ron Hubbard, the controversial founder of Scientology. The movie is set to feature Philip Seymour Hoffman as the founder of a 1950s religious movement called "The Cause."

Media reports have been highlighting the similarities between the cult leader in "The Master" and Scientology's Hubbard. explain that the cult leader in the movie creates his religious sect while on a boat trip, like Scientology's Hubbard. Also both the movie's cult leader and Hubbard have wives named Mary Sue.

Referring to a line in the film where one of the sect's followers says, "You know he's making it up as he goes along," the New York Daily News source reported, "Tom Cruise's people are grumbling about this line — amongst others — but Anderson is not taking it out.

Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw has told the NY Daily News: "No one in the church has seen the film, and we have no comment."

Tom Cruise, one of the most famous followers of Scientology, recently split from wife Katie Holmes. Holmes filed for the divorce in New York City after five years of marriage while Cruise was filming abroad, and she is hoping to gain custody of their daughter Suri Cruise.

"The Master" is scheduled for release in October 2012.