Where Is My $99 HP TouchPad? The Hunt Continues

Consumers looking for an HP TouchPad and exhausted from reading “Sold Out” from every single retailer they visit, may continue to be left in limbo it seems.

“Where is the TouchPad?” People continue to wonder. Wednesday night retailer Best Buy posted an update on the coveted item explaining that new stocks of the tablet would be available starting Thursday, thus a Christian Post reporter made every possible effort to get one, or even find out more information, but to no success.

Several calls were made to hoards of Best Buy locations across the country yet not one store had them. In fact most Best Buy employees spoken to said the message on the company’s website was incorrect.

So CP called the Best Buy HQ hoping to get more information as to the tablet’s whereabouts. Hours later a representative of the company helpfully got back to CP simply to say: “I refuse to comment.”

The media contact referred us to HP saying that all questions regarding the TouchPad should be forwarded to them.

Of course, the suggestion proved very unhelpful as HP simply direct queries to an answer machine message.

Hoping to provide our CP audience with answers, twitter became a great ally. Two representatives of HP posted on their personal pages that there are no confirmations as to the TouchPad’s availability.

Mark Budgell said, “We have confirmed there will be no news today on #HP #TouchPad availability. There was no sale last night.”

Bryna Corcoran, who describes herself as “social media manager & Corp. Ninja for HP” and “former Canadian, dog mommy & math hater” twitted a similar message. She said, “The bad news, no info on availability today. I know.. I know. :( So step away, breathe and make a quesa-dilluh or something. :)”

Another of her tweets said: “Call centers & I aren't getting info on availability today. That we know 4 sure. So #DontTazeMeBro and of course #staycoolmybabies :) kbyee.”

She also warned consumers not to be deceived by a fake website offering the TouchPad for $49.99.
“PLS RT ASAP: This site http://www.hptouchpadsale.com/ is as FAKE and not associated w/ HP or #touchpad. #So #Lame! IGNORE THEM,” tweeted Corcoran.

It seems that no one knows where the TouchPad is. Anyone hoping to get an update from the company can go to their website and request an email notification; although days after signing up not a single update has been sent.