Whitney Houston Concrete Grave? 'That's Hysterical'

New reports have suggested that Whitney Houston's casket will have to be coated with concrete in order to protect the jewelry the pop-star has been buried with, which is worth over half a million. "That's hysterical," other reports suggested, considering that the Houston family is broke.

The original report that ran about Whitney Houston's concrete casket suggested that her grave would have to be covered in concrete because Houston's mother Cissy could no longer afford round-the-clock security at the gravesite.

Other reports later revealed that Cissy Houston couldn't even afford to bury her daughter with a half million dollars worth of jewelry.

"The Houstons would be the first to be digging it up," Forbes magazine joked. "Just common sense would tell you: no one in this country, at least, especially the Houstons– who are trying to sell Whitney's devalued mansion for 1.7 million dollars in New Jersey– would bury jewelry of any value."

In fact, it appears that the jewelry that Houston was buried with is nothing more than costume jewelry. Despite the obvious fact that it would be unwise to bury a fortune of jewelry when facing financial ruin, many sites still reported on the concrete solution.

"Cissy can't afford to keep paying guards forever. A concrete encasement is the only answer," the Daily Star reported from the word of a trusted source.

It was obviously the only "sensible move," Hollywood Forever confirmed. "It makes robbery virtually impossible. It would take a long time to get through, even with a pneumatic drill."

Meanwhile, Cissy Houston is working hard to secure a book deal after her daughter's untimely death and estate matters have left her struggling financially.

"Whitney's mother, the esteemed Cissy Houston, is currently attempting to get a book deal because Whitney's estate issues have left her in tight times," Forbes reported.