'Pretty Insidious': American Girl Furor Erupts Over Transgender Book Contents — Here's The Inside Story

If you've seen the headlines about American Girl's new book that's causing a stir among parents, this episode of "The Inside Story" will fully explain what unfolded, why it matters, and what's at stake.

The book, " A Smart Girl's Guide: Body Image," is intended for young girls — but the text integrates transgender ideology and has, thus, created a stir among parents, activists, and journalists alike.

"They introduce puberty blockers, and it basically says if you're uncomfortable with changes in your body you can go to a doctor and he or she will prescribe medicine — they don't say blockers, but they say medicine — to delay the changes that puberty brings," Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter explains.

As for why parents are reacting so strongly, he added, "They didn't expect it from American Girl." Listen for the full story.

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