U.S. Is 1 Of 8 Nations With Abortion Up To Birth, Pro-Israel Rally At USC, Inquiry Into FBI Diversity Hires

Top headlines for Wednesday, May 8, 2024

In today's episode, pro-choice advocates express outrage against bans in several states, reflecting on the larger context of the U.S.'s position among the few countries allowing late-term abortions. Next, we shift to the University of Southern California, where a Washington state church and Christian artist Sean Feucht are set to amplify their support for Israel through a dedicated rally. In the corridors of power, Congressman Jim Jordan questions the FBI's practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion, sparking a broader conversation on governmental hiring practices. Lastly, we share a gripping tale of faith and survival from Pennsylvania, where a pastor attributes his escape from an attempted shooting during his sermon to divine intervention. 

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