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A New inspiring Map Poster collection to decorate your wall


I still remember when I was taught Bible stories in Sunday school at church. My teacher would explain the lessons using, among other things, an old flannel board. The Sundays when it was used were everyone's favorite. But I remember how Bible maps held a special fascination for us. Israel at the time of Jesus, the distribution of the tribes of Israel, etc.

Maps are one of the oldest media in existence. Since the arrangement of stars drawn in prehistoric caves, mankind has used maps to convey knowledge, context, and stories. Today, the lowering of software access thresholds allows a whole generation of artists to unleash their creativity to create maps for multiple purposes. Election maps, weather maps, maps about the most important events of our time... Why not combine technology and data to give new life to those old biblical maps?

The maps in our Bibles are very useful for understanding the geographic and political context of the time, and terrain elevation data is available to anyone through government and university websites. After tinkering with the possibilities offered by 3D design software, creating and designing biblical map posters in a style that allows us to appreciate the elevation and beauty of the terrain was the next step. Thus, was born the  Fishers Nation "3D Map Posters" collection.

After the first phase of research and data processing, we used elevation maps of the selected terrain. The first stage of period research and data processing is always necessary to get each piece of the map to fit together. Then we deal with 3D design technology to create the desired relief effect. Then, using design tools, we adjust the maps to fit visually and achieve this beautiful look. Nevertheless, we always finish with a handmade process to adjust the colors and every little detail.

Today they have become our favorite ways to decorate a wall. An original, adventurous, and inspiring touch that brings us closer to the Bible stories we love so much.