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Ex-Psychic Reveals Horrific Reality of Occult, How Jesus Broke Through: New Podcast

By Billy Hallowell

In a world increasingly enraptured by horoscopes, tarot cards, and other facets of the occult, ex-psychic Jenn Nizza .

Nizza knows what it means to discern — and confront — evil. She was trapped on the hampster wheel of the New Age for 25 years before finding Jesus and leaving it all behind.

Now, in partnership with Edifi, she’s sharing her powerful transformation story on her new podcast Here’s the premiere episode:

“I am elated to share my story, to expose darkness, and turn people toward Christ,” Nizza said of her podcast premiere. “‘Ex-Psychic Saved’ will explore the many facets of the occult in an effort to uncover dangerous spiritual practices.” 

For decades, Nizza was a psychic medium and a teacher of the occult. She taught topics such as: the law of attraction, past life regression, automatic writing, tarot, and mediumship. But her story took a dramatic turn at age 36 when she became a Christian and abandoned those practices.

Nizza, author of the books "From Psychic to Saved" and "Out of the New Age and Into the Truth," is now exposing the New Age, occultism, and paranormal deceptions through "The Ex-Psychic Saved Podcast." 

This bi-weekly show is dedicated to sounding the alarm on the dangers of the occult. She will talk about many New Age topics, expose where psychics get their information, and interact with compelling guests. 

Find out more about the show . You can subscribe on the following platforms: