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Helping Those Who Struggle with Grief

Blended Families—Born Out of Loss

By FamilyLife

Did you know that up to 40% of families in your church and community are blended families?

Perhaps you parent within the framework of a blended family yourself and understand the complexities of stepfamily dynamics. 

Stepfamilies are born of loss. Every person and relationship has a shadow of sadness behind it. Unwanted loss often recalibrates our understanding of God and ourselves and therefore, reveals our need for grace. We all know kids who are being raised in stepfamily homes. But sadly, churches, schools, and other organizations still build programs and ministries that primarily target traditional families. As a result, blended family homes don’t find the help and support they need for their complex dynamics.

FamilyLife Blended®, a non-profit ministry that exists to support and equip blended families, wants to change that. As part of the Cru family of ministries, FamilyLife Blended has been working tirelessly for almost a decade to provide biblically-based resources that will help prevent re-divorce, strengthen stepfamilies, and help break the generational cycle of divorce.

Their upcoming event, the Summit on Stepfamily Ministry, is designed to encourage and equip ministry leaders to minister to blended families. The 10th annual event will be held October 13-14, 2022 at Cornerstone Church in Chandler, Arizona (Phoenix area). If you want to be a catalyst and effect change in your church and community, come join a growing movement of leaders ministering to stepfamilies. 

The Summit is the only event geared toward equipping the church to minister to stepfamilies, which make up a significant percentage of your church and community. This year’s theme revolves around grief and loss. Effective stepfamily ministry helps people understand their loss and its impact on their current blended family and invites them to further lean on the grace of God.

For two days, the Summit brings together well-known ministries, experts, counselors, pastors, worship leaders, and lay leaders to network, share best practices, and gain understanding on how to strengthen stepfamilies and prevent divorce/re-divorce. The Summit includes keynote messages, breakout opportunities with live Q&A, facilitated small group discussions, and expert panels answering your questions.

Look around in your church and community. You’ll find children and students in every congregation who are not in regular attendance because they are at their other home. Look at how many people come through divorce recovery ministry and are now getting married with children from previous relationships. Notice the blended family couples you work alongside who only know family dysfunction and instability.

Let’s help these families! The Summit on Stepfamily Ministry is the premier ministry equipping event in the country to help pastors, elders, and lay couples alike learn about healthy blended family living and the essentials of local ministry. It’s a great place to network with others, learn fundamental and advanced strategies, and become familiar with a variety of biblically-based curricula that can become the backbone for stepfamily ministry.

Take the first step. Inform a pastor or church leader about this event with our Summit 2022 Event Guide. Register for the Summit yourself and invite a ministry leader to attend with you. 

Look around. Now do something about what you see. Make plans today to join us.

Helping Those Who Struggle with Grief: Blended Families & Born Out of Loss

Helping Those Who Struggle with Grief: Blended Families & Born Out of Loss

October 13-14, 2022
Cornerstone Church, Chandler, AZ

The 2022 Summit on Stepfamily Ministry is a 2-day experience to help equip ministry leaders like you to minister to blended families. If you want to be a catalyst and effect change in your church and community come join a growing movement of leaders ministering to stepfamilies.