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Here I Am: Answering the Call at the 2024 Believers’ Summit

By Believers’ Summit

At this crucial time in America, the Believers’ Summit is set to be one of the most impactful gatherings of 2024! This is more than an event, it's a call for believers to rise in unity, equipped with biblical wisdom, truth, and an unshakeable faith to be a much needed light to the world. At the Believers’ Summit,  attendees will be empowered with practical knowledge and strategies to live out their faith boldly and counteract the prevailing 'woke' narratives with grace, truth, and conviction, rooted in the Gospel.

“Here I Am” is the central theme of the event, echoing a biblical principle of readiness and obedience. This theme encourages attendees to stand alongside biblical heroes of the faith, embracing a willingness and readiness to serve. It's a call for Christians at any stage of their journey—whether just beginning or well-advanced in their faith walk—to cultivate a heart of service, mirroring the willingness to say “yes” as those who have walked before us.

Featuring times of worship and a distinguished roster of speakers such as Charlie Kirk, Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Allie Stuckey, Frank Turek, Sage Steele, Andrew Sedra, John Amanchukwu, and many more the Believers’ Summit offers unparalleled insight, inspiration, and fellowship. From engaging in thoughtful discourse in the public square to being the light in their families, workplaces, and communities, our goal is for every participant to leave the summit not just inspired, but transformed and ready to act.

The Believers Summit stands as a testament to our commitment to see the body of Christ rise to its calling in this pivotal moment in history. TPUSA Faith is dedicated to seeing believers not just defend their faith, but to put it into action, ultimately turning our nation towards the Lord.

Join us at tpusafaith.com/believers to register for this pivotal event! Together, let's put our faith into action and embrace our call to be light in a world in need of the Gospel's truth!