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Chris Brown Stolen iPhone Case Causing Discord Between Miami Authorities?

Chris Brown Stolen iPhone Case Causing Discord Between Miami Authorities?

Chris Brown is reportedly causing some discord between the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office and Miami Beach Police who are blaming one another for the lack of action taken against the R&B star who allegedly stole a fan's iPhone on Feb. 19.

Brown, 22, reportedly took a $500 iPhone 4S from a fan who attempted to capture a picture of the R&B singer on Miami Beach last month. Although the fan filed a complaint with the MBPD, the department is blaming the State Attorney's office for the lack of progress being made in the case.

According to the Miami Herald, a source from the MBPD said they relied on the State Attorney's Office for a warrant that was never granted.

"We knew Chris Brown was about to leave town so we went to the State Attorney's Office and asked for a warrant," the MBPD source said. "They didn't want to give us one because they claim there was a lot of work left."

However, Edward Griffith, State Attorney's Office spokesman said the MBPD did not have to request the warrant. Instead, the department could have arrested Brown on site.

"Police have the power to make an arrest at the scene when they have probable cause," Griffith said in the Miami Herald Report. "But once they come to us, it brings a whole different approach. We're re-interviewing every witness."

Despite the fact that Brown was celebrating winning his Grammy Award for the album "F.A.M.E" during the night in question, Griffith said the singer's celebrity status had nothing to do with the slow-moving case.

"This is not because Chris Brown's famous," Griffith said. "It's about handling every case equitably."

If authorities find brown guilty of the crime, he will be in violation of his probation stemming from his assault on singer ex-girlfriend and singer Rihanna in 2009. A robbery conviction could result in Brown serving five years in prison.


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