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DMX Tells Dr Phil God Will Remove All His Addictions One Day

DMX Tells Dr Phil God Will Remove All His Addictions One Day

Rapper DMX made an appearance on Dr. Phil's daily television talk show this week to discuss his life and run-ins with the law.

During the interview DMX touched on his relationship with God and how it relates to his drug addictions. He claims he no longer struggles with heavy drugs but still smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol on a somewhat regular basis. However; he believes God will take them from him eventually.

"I don't have to get high," he said. "I smoke weed, I drink, yes. But that's it. And one day, that'll be gone. That'll be gone because my faith in God, man, and he's not going to remove it all at once, but he's taking steps and I'm taking steps every day to get better and get where I need to be."

Dr. Phil also discussed the rapper's Detroit streaking incident that involved DMX being caught on tape while running naked through the hotel in a hallway. He claimed it was nothing more than a dare and that the public should not take it too seriously.

"The dare was order room service and run through the hallway naked," he said. "It wasn't about being a good or bad idea, [but rather saying] I'll do that."

DMX currently owes over $1 million in child support for the 11 children that he has which he fathers with 6 different women. Dr. Phil asked him if all this was true that he was behind this much.

"Yes, I am," DMX said. "The reason being because at a time I was making $13 million a year, so if I'm making $13 million a year, then I can pay that. I haven't made that in about 10 years, so of course I'm behind in payments, but the children are taken care of."

The rapper went on to say that he plays an active role in all of his children's lives and that he wouldn't change a thing he has done throughout his past because it has brought him to a good place, and believes it was all God's will that got him there.


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