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Drake Cuts Open Chris Brown's Chin in NYC Nightclub Scuffle?

Drake Cuts Open Chris Brown's Chin in NYC Nightclub Scuffle?

Chris Brown and Drake may have been involved in a scuffle during a visit to a New York City nightclub on Wednesday night, according to reports, which an image published by Brown on his Twitter feed seems to confirm.

Chris Brown tweeted a picture of a wound on his chin after an alleged physical altercation with rapper Drake on June 13, 2012 at a NYC nightclub. | (Photo: Twitter/Chris Brown)

The physical altercation reportedly began when Brown, 23-year-old singer-songwriter and ex-boyfriend to Barbadian entertainer Rihanna, sent a bottle of Champagne to rapper Drake's table while the two were in WIP night club. While The Sun reported that the bottle was a peace offering to end a feud sparked from Drake's rumored romantic relationship with Rihanna, the publication stated that the rapper sent the bottle back to Brown.

The gesture reportedly caused Brown to confront the rapper, who retaliated by punching him in the face and throwing a bottle at his face. The security staff belonging to each respective musician reportedly got involved in the scuffle, and Brown took to Twitter to vent about the matter.

"How (do) you party with rich (expletives) that hate," Brown questioned on his Twitter early Thursday morning. "Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!"

Brown also tweeted a picture of his face with a gash on his chin, before removing any tweets that showed signs of the incident. While neither Drake or Brown confirmed the reports publicly, fans of the pair made light of the situation on Twitter.

Innocent bystanders were reportedly hurt from the exchange and suffered from cuts that stemmed from the broken glass, according to Global Grind reports. Last month, reports surfaced that Brown was engaging in a verbal altercation over his ex-girlfriend.

Drake, who appears on Meek Mill's song "Amen" and was spotted partying with Rihanna during Memorial Day weekend, also joined in on the exchange, using a derogatory term to reference who many assumed to be Rihanna while saying, "We get gyal eeeeaasy."

At press time, neither of the rappers showed signs of the most recent altercation on their Twitter accounts. However, multiple images of WIP club were shared on Twitter with shattered glass covering the floor.


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