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Lamar Odom's 'Khloe-Look-A-Like' Stripper, Wife Kardashian Mired in Controversy

Lamar Odom's 'Khloe-Look-A-Like' Stripper, Wife Kardashian Mired in Controversy

Khloe Kardashian Odom is now facing reports that her husband recently enjoyed a wild night at a strip club.

Although she is in the midst of a paternity controversy, the 27-year-old reality starlet was faced with more problems after reports that NBA star Lamar Odom engaged in a sleazy night out at a Washington D.C. strip club, according to Radar Online.

Odom, 32, was recently traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks, which led to the renowned couple relocating to a lavish new penthouse in the heart of Texas.

It was reported that while Odom partied in D.C. on the night of Jan. 9, his wife was left at home, where she confirmed they were apart on Twitter.

“Thunder in Dallas... And Lammy is in DC. I guess ill cuddle with leopard tonight :) awww my blankey :),” Kardashian tweeted.

The pair, who regularly appear on the E! reality show “Khloe & Lamar,” had until now often displayed an unbreakable bond which fans often praise as genuine and inspiring.

According to reports, Odom was recently spotted partying in a well known local D.C. strip club with some of his new teammates.

"Strippers were grinding on him," a source told Radar before suggesting that one of them even resembled Odom’s wife.

"Lamar disappeared into the back of the venue where the private rooms are. He was there for quite awhile, but eventually came back to hang with the strippers in the main area again. The stripper that gave him most of his lap dances was a complete Khloe look-a-like."

The explosive reports follow recent controversy involving Kardashian and he late father, former O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian.

Although her father has always insisted that Kardashian is one of his four biological children, one of his ex-wives recently said this is not the case.

"Khloe is not his kid- he told me that after we got married," 63-year-old Jan Ashley recently told Star magazine.

While Khloe has dismissed the allegations, critics continue to point out Kardashian’s “different” physical appearance in contrast with sister’s Kim and Kourtney and brother Robert.

Neither Odom nor Kardashian have responded to the strip club allegations.


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