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Michelle Obama Attends Olympics, Controversy Over $6,800 Coat

Michelle Obama Attends Olympics, Controversy Over $6,800 Coat

First Lady Michelle Obama has sparked criticism after attending the pre-Olympics Ceremony reception wearing a $6,800 coat at Buckingham Palace on Friday.

While the white skirt and white coat with silver embroidery received positive feedback from fashion critics, many are furious that the First Lady spent so much money on one outfit.

The First Lady's fashion "cost more than the average American family makes in a month," blogger site Gateway Pundit posted, citing that the average American family earns $4,284 a month.

The wife of President Barack Obama is often hailed by fashion critics for her style choices. Her coat Friday was designed by J. Mendel, and Mrs. Obama paired the garment with sliver heels.

Meanwhile, another fashion icon, Kate Middleton, did not disappoint critics at the pre-Olympic Ceremony reception either. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a light-blue fitted coat dress by British designer Christopher Kane.

Ahead of the opening of the Summer Olympics on Friday, Mrs. Obama addressed the U.S. teams.

"Being here is otherworldly for me, you know," she said, according to Reuters. "I am still so inspired by all of you. I am still in awe of everything you have achieved."

The First Lady smiled and added, "Try to have fun. Try to breathe a little bit. But also win, right? In the end winning is good."

As the 2012 London Games approaches its fifth day, the U.S. had already garnered 16 total medals, six being gold. The States trail only China in the medal count.

Still in London for the Olympics on Sunday, the First Lady watched as the U.S. Olympic basketball team defeated France.

Celebrating their 98-71 win, Mrs. Obama hugged each member of the U.S. national team and then shook hands with their opposition. She also gathered at the middle of the court for a brief cheer, according to Yahoo News.

The First Lady also paid several other U.S. Olympic teams a visit, including the wrestling and gymnastics athletes. Mrs. Obama's visit to the 2012 London Games coincides with Let's Move program, which helps minimize childhood obesity.


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