Afghan War Vet's Reunion With Beloved Dogs Leaves Stranger in Tears. See Why. (VIDEO)

It is a loving and powerful moment when an American soldier returns home. And sometimes it is not just human family members who are thrilled to see them return.

When a veteran of the Air Force named Joshua had to leave his two dogs behind, a woman named Tia and her daughter Mariah helped out.

In a video posted to YouTube by Animal Planet, Joshua explained that his time away from his pets was rough, given that they were so far away and he saw them as his "pack."

Even before he got out of the vehicle to meet the pair of canines, Joshua's dogs knew that someone special was coming to meet them.

Their reunion, which has gotten 645,000+ views and 500+ likes on YouTube, will melt your heart and remind you why dogs really are Man's Best Friend.

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