Chuck Bentley

CP Guest Contributor

Should I Choose Family Time Over My Career? Lessons From Paul Ryan

I got a big promotion. It's required me to travel for the majority of the week. I have a wife and 3 kids at home and it's really difficult to leave them to travel so much. I've been considering leaving my job so I can spend more time with them. This job seems like God's faithful provision for us financially, but there's a major cost with it too. What do I do?

Should I Tithe or Get Out of Debt?

When should we begin tithing? We are currently in 'the red' each month, relying on credit cards to fill in small gaps. Currently there is no extra, no savings, etc. If we tithe now, we will have to stop payment on another creditor, which seems irresponsible. What do you suggest?

How to Make a Budget With Inconsistent Income

I am part of the 'Gig Economy' and work full-time as a freelance graphic designer. Some months I am slammed with work and make a great amount of money. But then other months are really slim. I've found it's really difficult to budget for these major ups and downs.

Choosing to Live Like You're Poor

I'm in my early twenties and finances are a topic of stress in my life and among my peers. One of my friends, who is about my age, just paid off his mortgage. How is that even possible? Others I know rely solely on credit cards and are in thousands of dollars of debt. I feel like I'm stuck between two ideologies.

Alternatives to Amazon?

Amazon seems to have taken over the world! Their dominating presence makes me a little nervous...but I still love my free 2-day shipping from Prime. Are there any alternatives out there that I should know about?

Avoiding the Christmas Spending Trap

The commercialization of Christmas feels like a big financial trap! My husband and I want to show love to our kids and family but the pressure to spend and borrow just to put a bunch of packages under the tree seems ridiculous.