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Compendium Podcast - Glennys Hyland author of I Am Real

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  • Promoting Adultery in America

    What Christians consider to be sexual immorality used to be the common definition for all of American society. It is not that people didn’t engage in sexually immoral behavior, but even those who participated did it knowing it was wrong.

  • Crypts, Chandeliers, and a Door Cracked Open

    The chandeliers dangled mere yards from the crypt. They hung from branches draped over a courtyard, with a view of vineyards beyond. A little stone wall ran a circle around what would become a grand al fresco dining room and then, in its final encore, a dance floor.

  • When Being Real Means Looking Dead

    When you have a chronic “thorn,” you also have a chronic comparison problem. I did, at least. The worst comparison I made during that time, however, was the one I kept making to…myself. My former self. That self that was just out of earshot. We had left her back around the corner and up the hill, but she was close. I could still remember what she looked like and smelled like, how she talked about things, like the future. I remembered all the things that were just so easy for her, like walking

  • The Parable of the Potted Plant and the Tumbleweed

    It started out as a tiny seedling bursting out of the ground and lifting its face toward the sky to enter life in the outside world. The gardener specialized in African violets and had developed a species that had the most brilliant purple blooms of any in the world. At the appropriate time, the gardener transplanted the flower into just the right sized pot to prepare it for sale to a plant lover who wanted to place it in a prominent place where it could be enjoyed by all who saw it. When the

  • What Rights Should Nature Have?

    In 2020, Orange County, Florida, passed a “Right to Clean Water” initiative. This initiative recognized the legal rights of ecosystems and species. Based on that county ordinance, two lakes, two streams, a marsh (along with certain other waterways), and environmentalist Chuck O’Neal filed a lawsuit against a developer to prevent him from filling in land for a new housing development. Yes, you read that right – the lawsuit was brought by bodies of water. (Of course, the suit was actually only fi