Dr. Tony Beam

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Why Jim Daly and Daniel Weiss Are Wrong About Christian Engagement in Politics

Jim Daly recently listed six myths about cultural engagement that he gleaned from former Focus on the Family employee Daniel Weiss. I respectfully offer the following critique. Weiss says if we want people to hear us we must be humble, personable and subtle. While that is true we must also be sure our voice isn't drowned out by the cacophony of voices being raised against us.

Turning Values Into Hate

What is hate speech? Does it fall into the category of "I can't define it but I know when I hear it?" Most thinking Americans can tell the difference between speech that is simply expressing a positive point of view and speech that is poisoned with the venom of hatred.

Finding the Flipside of Evil

When evil rises in such a pervasive and perverse way we are left to ponder its cause. Psychologists will line up to dissect and analyze the life of the shooter, pointing to telltale signs that might have revealed his approaching break with reality. Sociologists will point to the shortcomings of culture as the culprit.

Rob Bell Helps Hell Break Into Pop Culture

You have to hand it to Michigan Pastor Rob Bell. Not only did he put hell on map of the evangelical landscape and on the lips of almost every evangelical; he ultimately managed to get hell on the cover of Time magazine

Christians Are Under Attack in Academia

What do Eastern Michigan University and Augusta State University have in common? They both recently demonstrated how important it is for the political left to defend diversity even at the expense of being diverse.