Ed Stetzer

CP Guest Columnist

The Contextualization Spectrum

When it comes to contextualization, everybody has a point where they think contextualization has gone too far, while others will say it is not far enough.


In a very small (and humorous) way, the "Enchantment Under the Sea" scene exemplifies the challenge of creating an indigenous expression in a foreign environment - sometimes our expressions just don't fit.

Untangling Cultural Engagement

As you probably know, this is not a topic all will agree on, but it is an important one to talk through, and I am hoping that through this series we can at least clear away some of the misconceptions that are often attached to this conversation.

Knowing and Making Known the Gospel

In all of the discussion and debate revolving around the issue of contextualization most will agree that knowing the truth of the gospel is not enough, but that we are called by God to also make it known to make disciples.

Calling for Contextualization

I will spend several posts sharing my thoughts on the nature of contextualization and the need to contextualize. The place to start in this conversation is with an understanding of culture.

Thoughts on Faith and Sports

Most guys like sports, and Christians aren't any exception. In fact there appears to be a real influence of faith in sports, and even (for good or bad) sports in faith.

Missing the Missional Mark

Either men like Leeman are not putting much effort into understanding missional thinkers, or some missional thinkers are not being clear enough. My guess is, guys like Leeman can try harder, and some missional thinkers could be more clear.

XBOX 360 and the Bible

With all of the growth in this world, it was inevitable that someone who try to break into the world with a Christian presence.