Eryn Sun

Christian Post Reporter

Southern Baptists Reject Updated NIV Bible

Southern Baptists recently announced their rejection of the new NIV Bible at their annual convention in Phoenix, Ariz., saying they could not commend the translation and its use of gender-neutral language.

Cindy Anthony Testifies Against Casey in Murder Trial

Cindy Anthony took the stand for the third time on Tuesday as one of the final witnesses called by the prosecution in their case against Casey Anthony. Cindy testified to some of the items found with her granddaughter Caylee’s remains in December 2008.

Ariz. Wallow Fire Now Largest in State History

The massive Wallow Fire, which has continued to burn throughout much of eastern Arizona for over two weeks now, set a record on Tuesday as the largest fire in state history. Started from what authorities believe to be an unattended campfire on May 29th, the fire has burned over 469,000 acres

High School Fundraiser Canceled Over Bible Verses

A California school district has canceled altogether a memorial brick paver fundraising program after religious controversy ensued regarding the choice of messages (in this case, Bible verses) that could be displayed on the bricks.