Eryn Sun

Christian Post Reporter

'X-Men: First Class,' A Story of Origins Worth Pursuing?

Already reported to have grossed $3.4 million in midnight runs at the domestic box office, “X-Men: First Class” is expected to rival opening figures close to “Batman Begins” and the first “X-Men” film, according to Twentieth Century Fox.

Ken Ham Agrees With Atheists on Literal View of Adam and Eve?

Answers in Genesis President/CEO Ken Ham is siding with the atheists for once, he says. Disturbed by a recent cover story investigating the need to believe in a literal Adam and Eve, Ham criticized several Christian theologians for rejecting both a literal interpretation of the first couple and existence of a young Earth.

Memorial Day: Beat the Traffic, Check Out 'Kung Fu Panda 2'

If you’re into saving a little bit of time and money, and maybe some patience too, it would be wise to stay off the roads this Memorial Day weekend. With gas prices breaking the bank, perhaps it’s time to reroute your vacation to your local neighborhood, chocked full of Iced Venti Caramel Macchiatos, Regal Theaters, and parks to spare.