Eryn Sun

Christian Post Reporter

'In God We Trust' License Plates, a Kentucky Hit

“In God We Trust” is proving to be a popular motto for residents in Kentucky. Ever since the state Transportation Cabinet gave the green light to sell standard-issue plates sporting the “In God We Trust” slogan in January, over 50,000 plates have been sold

Girl Scouts, No Longer Family Friendly for 2 Sisters

After discovering disturbing connections and curricula of Girl Scouts of the USA, two sisters decided to leave their beloved Girl Scout Troop after eight years of involvement, compelled not only to quit, but also to spread the truth about the highly acclaimed organization – namely, its connection to Planned Parenthood.

Pastors' Counsel on Domestic Violence, Gone Astray?

Why do pastors struggle with confronting domestic violence? Author and blogger John Shore recently addressed the above question after hearing from a multitude of women who were told by their pastors to, “in one way or another, stick with their abusive husbands.”

'Heaven Is for Real' Headed for Hollywood With T.D. Jakes as Co-Producer

Trailing on the heels of a recent box office success, Bishop T.D. Jakes is looking to produce another hit, this time with the help of a veteran Hollywood producer. Set to co-produce with Joe Roth, Jakes ventures to tackle next the current New York Times #1 Bestseller, Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back.

Jesus Facebook Page Beats Out Lakers, Bieber, Gaga

So what’s more engaging than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Twilight, and apparently the Los Angeles Lakers? Jesus Daily, to be exact. Pages like “Jesus Daily” and “The Bible” fall above American pop stars and much beloved sports teams as the “Most Engaging Pages”

Minn. Rep.'s 'Homosexuality Is Holy' Testimony Goes Viral

A state representative’s pro-gay argument before a House panel in Minnesota is quickly going viral across the Internet. “We have to be careful about trying to enshrine our beliefs, however religiously valid you may believe them to be, in the Minnesota Constitution,” Simon argued.

Andy Stanley Dispels 'the Right Person' Myth

Hoping to expel all the myths that plague relationships, beginning with “the right person" myth, Pastor Andy Stanley began a series entitled “The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating” at his North Point Community Church.