Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Sex and Soup

This verse makes it abundantly clear that the temptation of sexual immorality is just like a bowl of hot, steaming stew waiting to steal a believer's birthright.

3 Ways to Get Teens Sharing Their Faith

When the teens in your youth ministry begin to share their faith they will pray harder and worship louder. Many of them will read the Bible more diligently and walk in dependence on God more willingly.

Jesus Is Uncool

Jesus was not cool. He was not fashionable. He was not attractive during His time or anytime for that matter. We must remember that the call of Christ is the call to be uncool.

Is Your Church Lying?

When it comes to evangelism, a mission statement can turn from big black letters on a church marquee to a little, white lie that the church is telling the community. Strike that … it's a big lie.

Making a Complete 160 Degree Turn

The same cross that saves us gives us the power to have victory over sin in our lives on a practical level. But, if we are honest, our practical sanctification is never a complete 180.

Awkward Is Awesome

I've had awkward moments as a pastor. I've had them as a counselor. I've had them as a traveling evangelist.

Why Teenagers?

Why would I resign from what many consider to be the most powerful position in a church ("the pastor") to pursue highly distracted and super twitchy teens?

Why I Hate Evangelism

Evangelism forces me to decide whether or not I believe in Jesus enough to tell someone else that he is the only way into God's favor.

The God of 'Un'

Remember the old 7up commericals? They billed their clear soft drink in a green can as "the un-cola." I love the idea of "un". Why? Because, while we don't serve an "un-God"

Holy Hatred

Every Christian needs something to hate. If sin and Satan don't top that list I don't know what does.