Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Bad Math: Why Just Planting More Churches Is Not Enough

There is a church planting frenzy in America. It's the thing these days. And speaking as a former church planter I can see why. But there are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America and there are only 35,000 cities and towns. How many more new church plants do we need?

We Need More Risk Takers in Youth Ministry!

We need risk takers who are williing to leave their paradigms and programs behind and even risk losing their jobs so that more teenagers can be reached for Jesus. The urgency is at an all time high and our collective effectiveness is at an all time low.

Helping Your Teens Process the Las Vegas Massacre

how do you help your students process this latest atrocity? How do you help your students find safe harbor in the midst of their understandable sea of anxiety, doubt, fear and questions about the presence of an all-powerful and loving God?

The Key to Revival: Sizzle and Steak

Every great revival has both sizzle and steak. The sizzle is the rally point for the revival, the shock and awe of an event or a moment that captures attention, imaginations and hearts. But sizzle without steak is just a mouth-watering sound that disappoints.

My Prayer for Texas

They have been overwhelmed with destruction. Please overwhelm them with your presence. Bless the rescuers, those who are braving the high waters with boats and boots to save the trapped. They remind us of your Son who was willing to wade waist deep into the swirling sin of humanity.

A Cure for Racism

Racism was real growing up in North Denver. For my family it was "us" verses "them." And the result was extreme violence, shed blood and intense hatred. But then Jesus came in and changed everything.

Refuse to Lose Your Gospel Urgency!

Don't wait for tragedy to strike. Live in Gospel urgency now by choice and share the message of Jesus with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and classmates before it's too late.

13 Reasons Why Suicide Is the Worst Option

I have encountered countless suicidal teenagers who think they have lost their reason(s) to live. A small percentage of these teenagers have attempted suicide. A handful of them have succeeded. Every time I hear about a teenager who has ended his or her life, my heart breaks.

How to Kill Youth Group Drama

Many youth leaders are struggling with "youth group drama." A hyper-sensitive clique of girls is mad at a insensitive clique of sarcastic boys (or vice-verse or mix-n-match.) Sides are taken. Words are spoken. Words are hurled. Feelings are hurt.

10 Ways to Ruin Easter

1. Refuse to let your kids participate in the "pagan" practice of collecting dyed Easter eggs. Instead lecture them on the dangers of syncretism.