John Piper

Christian Post Guest Columnist

OK for a Christian to Have Cosmetic Surgery?

I'm laughing because I just watched my own video about not retiring, and in it I talk about 70-year-olds trying to get a tan on their leathery, hairless, splotchy skin in Arizona, and how the shorts look so ridiculous

Thoughts on Halloween

I want to be loose and broad and give freedom to believers to find their way to be most effective. So I respect those who are renouncing it and I respect those who say, "No, let's redeem it and penetrate it and use it."

No Remarrying While Ex-Spouse Is Living

I think the ideal that Jesus teaches is that we shouldn't divorce and remarry while the spouse divorced is living. That's very conservative and very narrow. But that's what I think Jesus teaches

Does God Get More Glory If People Have Free Will?

The most glorious universe is the universe in which we really will things, and we are really responsible for what we will, and we will be held accountable for the choices we make. And God is still absolutely sovereign over those willings.

What Is at Stake in the Battle to Redefine Marriage?

I think we have fallen in the last two centuries (and the last fifty years especially) into such a sense of individualism and tolerance that about the only vice that some people can conceive of is not tolerating other people's lifestyle choices.

How Can I Conquer Gluttony?

Gluttony is having a craving for food that conquers you. I think we need to recover a large appreciation for the biblical disciplines of self-denial and fasting.

How Do You Remain Humble?

If we aren't amazed by grace towards us, we will be a finger-pointing church mainly. We should be amazed that God has treated us so generously.