John Piper

Christian Post Guest Columnist

How Bold Should Christians Be?

A person should ask if, in their personal walk with God, they avoid the Scripture passages that call for radical boldness. If that's the case then the defeat is there before you even hit the streets.

How Willingly Do People Go to Hell?

I think it is misleading to say that hell is giving people what they most want. When there are only two choices, and you choose against one, it does not mean that you want the other

Stalled in Spiritual Growth

If there is nothing specifically wrong with my church, but I feel like I've stopped growing, is that a good enough reason to look for another one?

Why Can't We Get Any Straight Answers from Christianity?

It seems to me that if everything were easy and straightforward, no controversy at all, nothing apparently out of sync with my little human brain and its ability to discern contradictions, then I bet there would be a question here like, "If this is really God's word, why is it so simple?