John Stonestreet

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Getting Creative With Education: Outsourcing Is Not an Option

There are many good public schools and many dedicated Christian teachers in those schools who deserve our support. But it's also clear that current trends don't bode well for public education in America. So perhaps it's time for the historic Christian commitment to creativity in education to make a comeback.

#MeToo: Human Dignity, Sexual Morality and Christian Responsibility

The curtain is being lifted on sexual predation. That's good. And it reveals why we cannot abandon Christianity's liberating vision of human sexuality. With the exception of a few highborn women, Roman women were often treated worse than Roman cattle. Even upper-class women were little more than possessions. Into this world came Christianity.

Altering Images, Altering Speech, Altering the Imago Dei

Image editing is so common these days, from air brushing to full-on altering, that the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words," is no longer as true as it once was. Now, new technologies can alter spoken word so that a person can appear to say almost anything. Their goal is to literally put their words into someone's else's mouth.

The Reliability of Scripture

Unlike other faiths, Christianity is rooted in real human history. It tells the story of God's actions in the same world that you and I occupy, as opposed to some mythical "once upon a time." Archaeology and related disciplines are continually confirming the biblical narrative.