John Stonestreet

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Altering Images, Altering Speech, Altering the Imago Dei

Image editing is so common these days, from air brushing to full-on altering, that the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words," is no longer as true as it once was. Now, new technologies can alter spoken word so that a person can appear to say almost anything. Their goal is to literally put their words into someone's else's mouth.

The Reliability of Scripture

Unlike other faiths, Christianity is rooted in real human history. It tells the story of God's actions in the same world that you and I occupy, as opposed to some mythical "once upon a time." Archaeology and related disciplines are continually confirming the biblical narrative.

Are Sex and Marriage Issues of Orthodoxy?

A Christian philosopher disagrees with elevating the issue of homosexuality to the level of the o-word (orthodoxy). Adding traditional marriage to the Nicene list of non-negotiable Christian doctrines, he worries, distracts from the life and work of Jesus and reduces Christianity to a set of morals. Is he right?

The Genetic Arms Race: Human Dignity at Stake

A team of scientists at Oregon Health and Sciences University have successfully created genetically-modified human embryos. It's an early step in playing God with human genetics, one that could very well place humanity on intimate terms with the Devil.

Religious Freedom's Roe v Wade? Make the Case for Liberty

We'll be talking a lot about the case of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. Why? Because religious freedom hangs in the balance. What the media and LGBT activists are telling the world is that this case is about a baker who uses his religious beliefs as a cover to discriminate against people. But that is baloney.

Eugene Peterson and Same-Sex Marriage: It's a Gospel Issue

I'm glad for Eugene Peterson's retraction on same-sex marriage, though his statements are still puzzling. Even more, they're revealing. First, they reveal the crisis of authority among evangelicals. So much of this conversation, and many others within the evangelical church, is driven by celebrities instead of doctrine.