Joseph Perkins

Christian Post Contributor

Will Obama Jobs Plan Deliver as Promised?

New York Rep. Nydia Velasquez played surrogate for President Obama Friday when she told a crowd in downtown Manhattan that passage of the $447 billion American Jobs Act would create 70,000 new jobs in the Big Apple.

Poll Suggests Americans Remain Divided on Abortion

A new CNN/ORC International Poll is out and it’s providing ammunition for those on opposite sides of the abortion debate. Abortion rights advocates say the poll results confirm that Americans overwhelmingly favor abortion. Pro-life advocates say the same poll shows that Americans oppose abortion.

Rick Perry Talks Faith at Liberty University

Texas Gov. Rick Perry made an appearance Wednesday at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., where the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination offered testimony about his “faith journey,” while urging students to get involved in the political process.

Double Whammy: US Poverty Up, Incomes Down

Providing fresh fodder for the increasing number of Americans that believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday that the nation’s poverty rate rose in 2010 to its highest level in 27 years, while the median incomes of U.S. households fell to the lowest level in 15 years.

Frontrunner Perry Faces Fire at Tea Party Debate

On a day in which a CNN poll reaffirmed his status as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent much of Monday evening fending off attacks by his seven GOP rivals at a Tampa, Fla., debate cosponsored by Tea Party Express and the cable network.

Bloomberg Remains Unmoved by Pleas for Inclusion of Religious Leaders

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg refuses to budge. With more than 100,000 petitions delivered to his City Hall offices this past week urging him to allow religious leader to offer a few words of prayer at the 9/11 Memorial Service on Sunday, Bloomberg renewed his vow that the 10th anniversary event would remain strictly secular.

Republicans Skeptical of Obama Jobs Plan

With one in six Americans seeking full-time work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Obama is preparing to unveil a major jobs package Thursday that reportedly proposes $300 billion in tax cuts and federal spending.

ACLJ Responds to Newspaper 'Attack' on Jay Sekulow

“Flawed” and “biased” is how a spokesman for the American Center for Law and Justice described an article in The Tennessean that painted the group’s principal officer Jay Sekulow as living a life of luxury bankrolled by the money he earned from defending Christian values in court.