Julie Roys

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Why Pope's Response to a Gay Man Is Wrong, but in Line With Many Evangelicals

The pope's alleged statement that God would make someone gay and would want him to stay gay goes against Scripture and established Christian doctrine. This is what happens when compassion is divorced from truth and any hope of transformation. And sadly, it's not just the alleged position of the pope and many in society, but of many evangelicals too.

The Heresy That Fuels Transgenderism

Attitudes about gender have been rapidly changing not just in culture, but also in the church. This supposedly new perspective is not new at all. It is actually rooted in an ancient heretical philosophy called Gnosticism, though I doubt many transgender-supporting Christians realize it.

Could Man Vying to Become First Muslim Governor Be Part of 'Stealth Jihad'?

Abdul El-Sayed, potentially the nation's first Muslim governor, sounds like the quintessential progressive politician. According to his website, the Michigan Democrat upholds "strict separation of church and state," and vows to "defend the right of all Americans to pray as they choose." He also opposes discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

To Christians Who Cheer Trump's Reprehensible Behavior

As usual, the media are acting like fools – and as usual, Trump is responding in kind or worse, showing himself to be an equal or even greater fool. But what's particularly disconcerting is the way even Christians are not only excusing, but cheering Trump's reprehensible behavior.

Rough Day for an Abortionist: Eyeball Fell in My Lap, Gross

It's tough being an abortionist. There are few places you can share about the challenges of your work – to discuss the "heads that get stuck that we can't get out" or how difficult "taking (a fetus) apart" can be. After all, a fetus is "a tough little object," and ripping it limb by limb can be traumatic – at least on "day one."

Christian School Was Wrong to Punish Pregnant Student

The story, which was published over the weekend in The New York Times, has infuriated scores of Americans. It also sadly has reinforced negative stereotypes of Christians as legalistic and hypocritical jerks, who simultaneously rail against abortion, while shaming those who choose life.

Why Trump's Religious Freedom Order Falls Far Short of Promises

President Donald Trump today signaled his intentions to make good on a promise to "totally destroy" the Johnson Amendment by signing an executive order "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty." While I appreciate the gesture, the order destroys nothing and falls significantly short of earlier promises.

'The Shack' Helped My Friend Return to Christ

I was prepared to hate The Shack. But after seeing it once, I had a strong sense that someone I love dearly needed to see the movie — someone who had walked away from God but was softening towards him. We saw it together, we cried, and then ...