Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

CP Op-Ed Contributors

Putin Out and Proud

The Wall Street Journal recently showed Vladimir Putin in Crimea. There was the saturnine Slav in an unusually ebullient mood. He was standing in front of a banner ostensibly celebrating the victory of the USSR in what Russians still call "The Great Patriotic War" against Hitler in 1945.

Secretary Kerry at the Water's Edge

The Secretary of State admits he was "inarticulate." And he proceeds to prove it daily. We might have thought that was an unusual quality for America's top diplomat. But in his statement trying to extricate himself from his most recent gaffe, the Secretary digs in deeper.

Obama Must Fire Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry has taken only one element from all of America's history in his peripatetic quest to forge a Mideast peace settlement: It is Theodore Roosevelt's famous "Big Stick." It was the Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Roosevelt, who famously quoted the West African proverb: "Walk softly but carry a big stick."

Ethnic Cleansing Could Lead to Mass Exodus of Middle East Christians

The former President of Lebanon, Amine Gemayel, is a Maronite Christian. He recently warned of "an exodus approaching biblical proportions." Gemayel told a gathering in Zurich of Christian Solidarity International (CSI) and other human rights activists that the current wave of church burnings, murders, and riots against Christians in the Mideast is the work of radical Islamists. The former Lebanese leaders own brother had been assassinated in Beirut by these same jihadists.

The Left's Necessary Lie for Obamacare

The debates over Obamacare seem to be, like Ben Franklin's death & taxes, the only certainties in our lives. This has clearly been the case since Inauguration Day, 2009. Yes, President Obama called for an immediate "stimulus" of nearly $1 Trillion to prime the pump, to create shovel-ready jobs. We never heard that phrase shovel ready before Mr. Obama employed it. And, within the first two years after passage of the huge stimulus bill, the president himself acknowledged there was no such thing as shovel ready jobs.

The Obama 'Selfie' in South Africa

President Obama is receiving plenty of criticism for his selfie cellphone portrait at the funeral of South Africa's revered leader, Nelson Mandela. What the president had to say in tribute to Africa's greatest statesman was largely overshadowed by the press pictures of Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, and Denmark's shapely blonde chief of government, Helle Thorning Schmidt.

Broken Promise, Broken Presidencies

When Vice President George H.W. Bush accepted the GOP nomination for president in New Orleans in 1988, he memorably said: "Read my lips, no new taxes." Too memorably, as things turned out. He won that election handily, carrying forty states against the hapless Michael Dukakis and 53 percent of the vote. It was the last comfortable victory the Republicans have seen.

Obama's Belfast Blarney

President Obama's recent trip to the G-8 Summit in Belfast, Northern Ireland, included an address at the Waterfront hall. There, he criticized Catholic and Protestant schools and compared them to segregated schools in the U.S. when he was a boy. His remarks were hailed by British atheists.

Lincoln, Obama, and Us

A very significant date, March 4, 2013, passed virtually without notice. It was on that date that President Obama's tenure exceeded that of Abraham Lincoln. We can all give thanks to God, of course, that Mr. Obama's term in office has not been cut short, as Lincoln's was, by a heinous act of political violence.